The Way of Consciousness - Humility & Gratitude

• January 14th, 2021

An Inspiring and uplifting series, containing former "Patron only" content from mystic contemporary teachers from The Order of The Friends of Jeshua (Jesus) based on his revelations in The Way of Mastery. This episode is called Humility & Gratitude. Join Bishop Lee Allen Petersen, Rev. Dr. Linda Marie Nelson, and Fr. Michael Sherbert in a flashback broadcast from 2011-2012.

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The Way of Consciousness - Expanding Awareness

• January 14th, 2021

An Inspiring and uplifting series, containing former "Patron only" content from mystic contemporary teachers from The Order of The Friends of Jeshua (Jesus) based on his revelations in The Way of Mastery. This episode is called "Expanding Awareness". Join Bishop Lee Allen Petersen, Rev. Dr. Linda Marie Nelson, and Fr. Michael Sherbert in a flashback broadcast from 2011-2012.

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The Way of Consciousness - The Power of Forgiveness

• December 28th, 2020

An Inspiring and uplifting series, containing "Patron only" content from mystic contemporary teachers from The Order of The Friends of Jeshua (Jesus) based on his revelations in The Way of Mastery. This episode is called The Power of Forgiveness. Join Bishop Lee Allen Petersen, Rev. Dr. Linda Marie Nelson, and Fr. Bryan Rice in a flashback broadcast from 2011.

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The Way of Consciousness - Transformational Healing

• December 28th, 2020

An Inspiring and uplifting series, containing former "Patron only" content from mystic contemporary teachers from The Order of The Friends of Jeshua (Jesus) based on his revelations in The Way of Mastery. This episode is called Transformational Healing. Join Bishop Lee Allen Petersen and Rev. Dr. Linda Marie Nelson in a flashback broadcast from 2011-2012.

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The Way of Consciousness - Co-Creation and Forgiveness

• December 28th, 2020

An Inspiring and uplifting series, containing former "Patron only" content from mystic contemporary teachers from The Order of The Friends of Jeshua (Jesus) based on his revelations in The Way of Mastery. This episode is called Co-Creation and Forgiveness. Join Bishop Lee Allen Petersen, Rev. Dr. Linda Marie Nelson, and Fr. Bryan Rice in a flashback broadcast from 2011. Bishop Lee inspires people to move from your thought world to being in the heart. Content is from Lesson 2 of The Way of Mastery.

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The Way of Consciousness -Co-Creation and Desire

• December 28th, 2020

An Inspiring and uplifting series, containing "Patron only" content from mystic contemporary teachers from The Order of The Friends of Jeshua (Jesus) based on his revelations in The Way of Mastery. This episode is called Co-Creation and Desire. Join Bishop Lee Allen Petersen, Rev. Dr. Linda Marie Nelson, and Fr. Michael Sherbert in a flashback broadcast from 2011-2012.

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The Way of Consciousness - Allowance & the Ego

• December 28th, 2020

Teachings from members of the Order of the Friends of Jeshua inspired by The Way of Mastery. This episode's topic is the "key of the kingdom" known as "Allowance" and how it relates to the ego. This is an archived show that originally aired on The Way of Consciousness Radio Network.

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The Way of Consciousness - Awareness of Events in Our World

• December 28th, 2020

Teachings from modern mystics Bishop Lee Allen Petersen and Rev. Dr. Linda Marie Nelson from the Order of the Friends of Jeshua. These spiritual teachers draw on wisdom from The Way of Mastery and contemporary spirituality. 

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Silencing a Thousand Barking Dogs - Episode 16 Brain Anatomy of Duality Discourse 4 - The Deep Limbic System

• June 21st, 2020


This is a rebroadcast of a 2011 episode by Bryan. He continues to explore for the listener, his premise that unlike God Consciousness, that of a human brain is dualistic, hence the title “Brain Anatomy of Duality.”


He continues to draw from research from Dr. Daniel Amen and cites this researcher’s discoveries using the science of SPECT Imaging, information found within his book “Change Your Brain, Change Your Life.”


Bryan begins by talking about what Amen says about the Deep Limbic System and how love and affective disorders are related to it. The Limbic system contains the Thalamic Structure and the Hypothalamus. The Limbic system as a whole contains multiple parts and Bryan focuses in this episode on just the Deep Limbic System and what neuro-psychiatry has to say about it.


Bryan, once again relates the scientific findings to the symbolic nature of dog-like thought and behavior patterns.


The Deep Limbic System sets the emotional tone of the mind. It filters external events through internal states which is known as “emotional coloring”. It is what gives “flavor” and “zest” to what we process. The DLS also tags certain events as internally important. It also stores highly charged emotional memories, it modulates motivation, controls appetite and also sleep cycles. An important function of the DLS is that it promotes bonding as seen with mammals, such as dogs, wolf-packs, and other animals, both domesticated and wild. In the DLS you process sense and smell and modulates libido or sexual drive for procreation.


The Limbic System lies near the center of the brain and its size is that of a walnut. The functions contained within are critical to human behavior and survival. From an evolutionary standpoint, this is part of the mammalian brain that enabled animals to express emotions. The Deep Limbic System adds the “emotional spice” (coloring) and passion to carry out planning and actions related to the Pre-Frontal Cortex part of the brain. The DLS sets the emotional tone. For example, when the DLS is less active there is usually a more positive hopeful state of mind in a person. On the flip side, when it is heated up, it can have a negative impact.


Dr. Amen says that when the DLS is inflamed emotional “shading” takes place. Emotional shading is the filter in which you interpret the events of a given day.


Amen says that hormones can effect emotional states that are controlled by the DLS. Highly charged emotional memories (positive and negative) are stored in this area of the brain as well and can affect your ability to think in the present. Sleep, appetite, and social bondedness are affected by damage done to this area of the brain. Such damage can seriously impair a person from healthy social connectedness. Bryan shares his understanding based on personal experiences about how he healed his ability to bond as talks about the push-pull relationships we may find ourselves in. Overactivity in the DLS can lead to decreased libido and many people who become celibate in religious vocations do so for the wrong reasons or without fully healing this area in their life. He talks about repressed desires for sexual functioning and certain behaviors that may result.


Some problems in the DLS are clinical depression, mood disorders, negativity, decreased motivations, decreased sexual responses, the tendency to self-isolate, and crippling anxiety and fear.


Once again Bryan uses the symbolism of dog-behaviors rooted in barking as characteristic ways of understanding these issues.


Some of the anatomy of the DLS includes the Hypothalamus and the Basal Ganglia. Barking dogs such as heightened fear, anxiety, and lack of attention span are the results of an over-activity in the Basal Ganglia. Under activity in this area can affect pleasure control “loops” says Dr. Amen.


Bryan says that we cannot ignore the role that brain and body states play in our thinking. He speaks about addictive love patterns and how it relates to the Basal Ganglia. Heightened Basal Ganglia activity as shown in Amen’s SPECT imaging can cause panic and anxiety loops. Bryan calls this the descent into a living hell.


Bryan goes through one of Dr. Amen’s Basal Ganglia checklists to allow the listener to self-score (not as a replacement for medical attention, but merely for self-awareness) how prone they are to having challenges with this part of the Deep Limbic System.

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Silencing A Thousand Barking Dogs - Episode 15: Brain Anatomy of Duality Discourse 4 - Dogs that Distract and the Pre-Frontal Cortex

• June 13th, 2020

The Pre-Frontal Cortex is the executive part of the brain – the supervisor. It controls attention span, perseverance, impulse control, self-monitoring, critical thinking, learning from experience, organization, and it governs interaction with the limbic system, regulating emotions. Found underneath the forehead. Bryan continues to talk about Dr. Daniel Amen’s research on brain anatomy.


PFC guides directs and focus behavior. It helps us govern dogs of distraction, Bryan says, and is the watcher who filters sensory input from the outside world. It gives you the capacity to make goals, to plan, and to bring structure to your life. Critical thinking and organization are vital functions of the Pre-Frontal Cortex.


Emotional trauma and pain can stunt the development of this part of the brain. Bryan states that he had an over-active limbic system during adolescence, something that is typical in the developmental process, before the Pre-Frontal Cortex can begin to keep it in check. 7:38


The development of the Pre-Frontal lobes are integral according to the field of brain science. Bryan relates his experiences in the performing arts as having given him an outlet. He talks about multiple intelligence, meditation as a means to re-wire the brain, and illustrates examples of patterns of behavior found in people who do not learn from their mistakes.


You don’t have to continue to live with the brain you were born with or that was conditioned by social means. Bryan also talks about some examples of what happens when the Pre-Frontal Cortex is damaged or when someone has a stroke, for instance. The emotions felt in the Pre-Frontal cortex are more evolved than those that come from the Limbic system.


Animal and “dog-like” behavior such as reactivity, readiness to attack, acting from ingrained instincts or fears, and lack of domestication is typical of someone living out of an over-active Limbic System.


Short term-memory challenges, distractibility, attention span, hyper-activity, poor time management, procrastination, mis-perceptions, and disorganized patterns of behavior are prevalent in those who have stunted development in the Pre-Frontal Cortex.


Those with brain damage and severe trauma may never reach the capacities that someone with a healthy brain may have. Attention Deficit Disorder and Schizophrenia are examples of disorders related to poor regulatory functions that the Pre-Frontal Cortex is responsible for. Psychotic disorders are also typical for those who have troubles with this part of the brain.


The way dogs perceive and act are symbolic for those who don’t have a developed Pre-Frontal Cortex.

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Silencing A Thousand Barking Dogs - Episode 14 Rewriting, Rescripting the Nightmare: Dreaming with Courage Part 1

• May 30th, 2020

Bryan shares his research and insights about modern physics and teachings from shaman Alberto Villoldo found in his book “Courageous Dreaming”. Building on what Buddha said, “We are what we think” and non-dual teachings that say that our thoughts create the world, our thoughts, says Villoldo can get away from us and cause us to create a nightmare. We can dream a new reality, new surroundings, more spiritual and whole surroundings. We must awaken to the fact that we are trapped in a dream and that we can create a new story. From the reactive “dog-mind/desire” perspective, where we seek validation outwardly, we create a fragmented reality. Our goal is to become whole. Deepak Chopra says, like other quantum physicists, say that nothing comes into being or becomes fixed until some being is there to witness or observe it. Quantum events allow us to access the great “matrix” of dreaming reality into being. Villoldo, says that we are dreaming the world into being by the very act of witnessing it. Shamans, such as the “Earth Keepers” know that all of creation arises and returns to the matrix found in what is called “Dream Time”. He further says that dreaming reality into being is not only a possibility, but a responsibility. We are vast. Immersed in something much larger than ourselves. When we are connected with infinity we can dream contrary to and help end the nightmare of separation. Having a visceral connection to every cell in your body and being able to comprehend your dreaming ability is important to understand the power of infinity that we can tap into.


We can become trapped in fantasies when we settle for the “nightmare” or when we settle for our little stories or dramas. Transmuting the victim into the hero is essential in transforming the individual and collective dream that we help to manifest.


Moods, sense inclinations, ingrained responses, psychological noise, those barking dogs within -  when they are not brought into alignment through tapping into our hearts, affect our ability to dream courageously. Overcoming cowardice through bravery allows us to take risks and move beyond comfort and safety. Dreaming courageously is experiencing higher levels of consciousness. According to Dr. David Hawkins, and his studies in kinesiology, courage calibration in the realm of “power”.


We must stop telling dreams of victimhood and can improve our situations. Bryan says that we can live in a space of “grace” and can write a new script.


We can become paralyzed by negative thinking. Toltec Master Don Miguel Ruiz says that fear causes us to “dream the personal dream of hell”. Villoldo builds on this when he talks about the “LEF” (Luminous Energy Field), as recognized by the Earthkeepers. Bryan relates the “LEF” to the aura we hear so much about in modern new thought. The LEF has coded information in us that informs our thoughts, our feelings, and our behaviors. It is the instrument through which we dream the world into being. What we vibrate and think helps to manifest what we experience in what seems to be outer reality. Joseph Chilton Pierce’s research about the energy field he calls the “Torus”, is a similar idea, something that surrounds our body.


Unhealed wounds can block our dreaming capabilities. We need to get in touch with the desires of our heart. Repetition compulsion as spoken by Eckhart Tolle, thoughts fueled by anxiety, cause us to create living hells. Villoldo talks about foreign energies that can be found in the LEF. When the “karmic baggage” is removed, and the “ghosts”, says Bryan are extracted, the LEF can become illumined. Wounds in our energy body can show up in our physical body. By healing the Luminous Energy Field we can prevent illness and stop from manifesting nightmares. Bryan says that the true “I”, our true Self cannot be sick, and that we must die to the false self in order to live a better dream.


Finally, there are cultural nightmares and personal nightmares. Our “programs for happiness” that we form from early life experiences, contribute to what we dream. When, we as a whole determine our happiness through the outward act of comparison, we actually create misery.


The dreams of the soul can serve us. We must stop dreaming uncreatively and learn how our perceptions can bring about reality. Co-creating is an act of becoming more globally aware. Bryan finishes by speaking about his grassroots movement, Project New Humanity.

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Silencing A Thousand Barking Dogs Episode 13 - When The Dog Bites: You Can’t Let Sleeping Dogs Lay – Rescuing and Healing Abused and Stray and Dog Pain Patterns

• May 23rd, 2020

Is demon possession and mental illness connected? Is “possession” a supernatural phenomenon where we are taken over by malevolent energy or is there a less Medieval and and less ancient way of explaining what it means to be “taken over” by an energy, a mental state such as psychosis or pathology of other kinds? In this short episode, Bryan explores commentary and teachings of Eckhart Tolle as supported by Franciscan priest Richard Rohr.


Tolle speaks of the “pain-body” to explain violent and temperamental “phantoms” that are rooted in pain-patterns we store in our bodies from the past. Bryan talks about ways to identify the surfacing of the pain body as it awakens from its dormant state. Richard Rohr says that Tolle’s concept of the pain body is a perfect example to describe what Christianity and other ancient religions have attributed to the phenomenon of demonic energy.


The pain-body is the “dark-shadow cast by the ego” and is afraid of the light of you consciousness. The pain-body is afraid of being “found out”. We need to bring our pain into the light of consciousness so we do not let it possess us like an “insubstantial phantom”.


There is a way out of pain from the past. The first step is becoming aware by exposing our strong reactivity and buried emotional traumas. Bringing it to consciousness, we free ourselves from the “anti-life” that causes us to lose control. “Sleeping dogs” can be traumas or disowned pain patterns in the unconscious, Bryan says. Like the fearful dog who mistrusts others, may be chained and neglected, we all have our triggers and can become explosive.


This episode explores a subject worth pondering, for we all repress pain that leads to “dis-ease” of many kinds.

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• June 4th, 2018

The extraordinary can be found in the ordinary. Living lives of fame, recognition, and status in the world doesn’t guarantee specialness or an exalted nature of any kind. Self-importance doesn’t translate to the spiritual journey. Bryan shares his experiences of having wrestled with this temptation when he was looking to pursue a career in acting and was wrapped up in himself. We all like to be the center of our own universe, but we are not the individuals we think we are. We are all the same, come from the same Source, and should not define ourselves in terms of our differences or uniqueness. The need to be “different” or to stand out is something we all are susceptible to and this is a drive of type fours on the Enneagram. We have no reason to feel inferior to others or to have to compare ourselves to others to find self-worth.

The myth of specialness can be demystified by coming into the awareness that nothing we lack nothing as Creations of Divinity and do not need praise, fame, or elevated status to feel worthy of what comes from our True Nature (Infinite Love). We are all important in the eyes of the Divine’s plan for each one of us, but again, are not more special or more important than anyone else in this dream world. Being in the public eye does not set a person apart or make them superior. Specialness is debunked by the great text A Course in Miracles. Bryan urges listeners to be humble and to count their blessings if they do hold positions of status in this world. Are you comfortable being on the fringe and living in vitality? Live in your excellence and be thankful and transcend all illusions of the need for approval, praise, and inflation. Observe yourself, not exalt yourself. You will be forever, all that you are, all that you need to be happy.

The meditation and affirmation by Bryan shared at the end of the episode “Allowing and Accepting the Now” is from his album “Light Transmissions” available as an mp3 for purchase on, amazon mp3, iTunes, and streams on various sites as well.

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• June 4th, 2018

While living in this earth plane, the experience of loss is guaranteed as nothing in the world of form lasts. Though we come to inhabit bodies, we eventually lay them aside and transition back Home to the place where we came from and never truly left in actuality. Grief can stricken our psyches and make the human experience a burden at times. Bryan explores the topic of loss from a standpoint of what it means to heal and process grief with the help of others. Since loss is an experience that is universal to our human nature, we all are somewhat bound by our attachments to loved ones and to the memories we carry about those whom have passed on. Time does heal all wounds. Bryan shares the experiences of healing that his wife has gone through in dealing with her grief process. It is important to uplift others in our lives that we still have here while present on the earth plane. Letting go is not easy, by any means. Grief and attachment are temporary and are sources of suffering. True Love is eternal and cannot die, even when we lose someone who transitions from life within the human body. We need to know the difference between attachment to memories, neediness, co-dependence, reliance on others for certain forms of affirmation, self-identity, acceptance and the Reality of True Love that lives on after seeming to be separated from another through the process of death. Breakthrough moments require recognizing our attachments and releasing them in Love for the gravity of loss to be transcended.

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• June 3rd, 2018

Why do we burn candles, light fires, and use the imagery of light in sacred events, to speak of the aura, celestial beings, or is frequently recalled in near-death experiences? Why do visionary experiences speak of an influx of inner light? Light is infinitesimal, vast, and beyond comprehension. We seek to grasp and understand, some truths, some mysteries to our existence and we can know deep within that we are and we became and were begotten by One Light, that of which is Whole and “Is” always. The field of Light from which we came is a constant and will continue to be a constant and forever, because it is everlasting. We live in a world of separation, but in reality we never separated ourselves from the Infinite and the Unified Field of God Awareness. Many forms seem to exist, but all that is came from One Source. An illimitable Source. Light comes into the world through us. We will forever be light and lit by the experience of Love. Nothing can change that. We exist in the first Primordial state of Oneness. In the midst of that original state, our True Nature is found. We are not separated from Light, though we may seem to be caught in darkness at times in our life. Light is the One uniting commonality of all things. Light is our Essence and what we celebrate during festive holiday seasons, celebrating inner light. Light has come through individuals and will always come through individuals. The One Source, the Unified Field of Awareness emanated us and light seems to come into this world through gradations of the one Light Continuum. Light is power. We have within us, the inner “guru” which means the “light that dispels darkness”. This source within transforms us. Light in this world seems to be fractured, but light is All-encompassing and over-powering. It is fascinating to explore and brings a comfort in times of sorrow. Light enables us to celebrate and dig deep within ourselves. Consciousness and Light are both ever-expansive. We seek Light-bearers and many have come into the world as avatars. The Allness of Light Presence is expressed as the True Self, called by many names, The Atman, The Self, The Christ, The Buddha Nature, Krishna Consciousness. No matter who we are, where we are, what we’ve done, we will always be an illumined source of light. Light is used to represent Spirit during holiday seasons. Light is eternal. And Oneness and Light are synonymous and interchangeable. There is nowhere that Light is not.

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• May 27th, 2018

Reflect on the nature of your Real Presence, Essence, and Being while considering teachings of A Course In Miracles about what the Real World is and where you think you are.

According to A Course in Miracles, your Real Identity is Christ and you are One with God. That is who you are. Other traditions might call your True Nature, The Atman, The Self, The Higher Self, The Buddha Nature, or the Inner Guru. Explore ideas surrounding what is the Real World versus what is considered to be illusion and mere appearances seeming to exist as form.  You are here for a short time, are stuck in cycles of death and rebirth, but have never truly left your True Home in the Paradise State of Awareness known as Heaven.

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• May 20th, 2018

During this season of light, remember to "Choose Peace" in your life, the peace of Divine Presence. The Divinity of All There Is to illuminate your path and bring you contentment and joy. Join Bryan for this new episode today, an updated episode from a 2015 broadcast on Divine Realization Radio. This episode is brought to you by Ashram Christ Realization, Project New Humanity Communications, and Miracles New Humanity, and promotes a course Bryan took from the ministry he is studying to become a part of, Pathways of Light. Their ACIM Practitioner Course 902, inspired this talk. He highly recommends that course to others. Check out Bryan's music and information about his books and previous CD Release of audio book "Light Transmissions", a compilation of meditations, affirmations, and self-initiations known as dikshas set to music. The book "Light Transmissions" is meant to be heard for maximum effectiveness. It is doing well in the digital and streaming market and hopes to uplift as many souls as possible. To listen to, try, then buy "Light Transmissions" visit

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• May 17th, 2018

We must do shadow work, to go down into the depths of our psyche in order to the work of Transcendence. We must clear our subconscious debris, go down into the tomb, die to the false self, so we can rise up in glory and radiance and truth. Without doing depth work, we are shallow people. We must acknowledge our “weeds” of darkness, let them grow along side the “wheat” (light) in us, and be transformed through a process of coming into greater awareness. Bryan talks about Jungian Psychology, the shadow, and talks about the path to the True Christed Self. He talks about how suffering is a choice that we make, not a necessity. Recognizing darkness in us helps us to evolve and grow by shining light on our shadow nature that we repress from conscious awareness.

The songs you here in this program are written, composed, and sung by Bryan. Check out all Bryan Rice's published books and music at

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• May 17th, 2018

Explore with Bryan Rice, the ideas surrounding grace and evolution of consciousness and how important it is to try and maintain grace in seemingly disastrous and unpleasant experiences. It is all a matter of perspective and about changing your perception on how you view what to one person may seem to be unfavorable and challenging, but to another with a transformed perception, one can see such circumstances as opportunities for grace to flow into one’s life and raise one’s awareness to Higher Consciousness.

Check out all Bryan's published books and music at The songs you here on this program are written and sung by Bryan.

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• May 16th, 2018

Pain and the ego are equated and you have a choice whether to suffer or not. Anytime you are in pain of any kind, you are experiencing the ego. We have the ability to program ourselves with happiness. When we are in Pure Presence or Essence, we are not identified with the ego. Though most therapeutic systems will tell you that you need to have healthy ego boundaries. Spirituality would say that you first need an ego in order to transcend an ego. We need to command a new Presence. The “Is-ness” of our True Nature is Presence and suffering is not desirable as is taught in many Eastern Spirituality traditions. Suffering is self-created. Bryan encourages people to put aside ingrained beliefs about suffering being somehow a sign of “holiness” or “worthiness”.

We do not need to crucify ourselves and need to take the crown of thorns off of our head and take the nails out of our hands and feet. Most of us in the West have been conditioned to believe that suffering is somehow admirable in the eyes of God. We are Infinitely Blessed, Loved, and “Need Do Nothing” to experience our Divinity. Pain comes from fear and emotions such as anger are draining to our life force. Anything that causes “dis-ease”, is not from our True Self. Only our egos can be offended. According to A Course In Miracles, God, who is beyond all gender, does not condemn nor inflict vengeance and suffering onto anyone out of punishment. We are whole, we are One, we are Innocent. Seeming to fall from grace is an illusion, it is not real, it is a “side show”. There is a way to live in moral harmony. When we hear words like “yield” and “surrender” yourself to a loving God. What it really means is being open and receptive to the Divine Flow of Life Force in our Being. We live in maya, or delusion as is spoken of in the East and God and the “Devil” are not outside of you. Choosing to live in duality creates suffering as well. Bryan talks about the movie “The Passion of the Christ” and how its depiction of the suffering of Jeshua (Jesus) was an extreme portrayal of what the human ego does to humanity.

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